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Wooden Furniture Care Guide

Caring for your cabinet

Real wood has lovely natural variations in colour and grain, so no two pieces of wood ever look identical even when part of the same piece of furniture. It is what gives real wood its character. Real wood features naturally-occurring knots and variations in the grain with oak featuring distinctive flecks which is all part of its natural beauty.

The colour of all wood furniture mellows slightly with age making it look better and better. It’s normal to notice slight colour variations within one piece of furniture as no two pieces of wood are exactly the same colour.

All our wood pieces are hand-finished by craftsmen so there might be differences in shade and shape. This adds to their appearance as they won’t have a ‘cookie cut’ machined look.

For some pieces our craftsmen use special techniques to distress the wood, creating an attractive aged appearance. As this is completed by hand there may be slight variations in the final piece.

As wood is a natural product it’ll adapt to its environment, retaining moisture in a humid environment and losing moisture in a dry environment. That means, in time, the wood will grow or shrink slightly and create some unevenness or possibly fine cracks. This is a natural ageing process and nothing to worry about. It’s just more added character.

Furniture Care

Use a good quality wood polish to keep your furniture clean and to give a rich, low-lustre. We recommend avoiding spray and silicone polishes as these can lift the wood colour and create a bloom on the finish. It’s a good idea to test y our polish on an area that is out of sight before polishing the piece itself. Polish regularly as dust can result in fine scratches when everyday objects are moved.

Avoid positioning your furniture in strong direct sunlight. You may want to use a polish that contains a UV absorber as this will protect from fading rapidly in the sunlight. When polishing always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.

Wipe up spills immediately and check liquid hasn’t seeped under any objects where it can ‘pool’ and dry, causing damage to the finish.

Do not place hot items directly onto the wood surface as the heat will cause white marks. Instead, use coasters when placing hot tableware on wood to prevent heat rings.

Do not place furniture near to strong heat as this will dry out the moisture in the grain.

For real peace of mind, Multiyork offers a cabinet warranty covering accidental damage – please ask in store for details.


We often use veneer in our furniture. Veneer is real wood cut finely for decorative purposes.

Occasionally we use man-made timber to strengthen the real wood veneer. Our veneer isn’t made from foil or film that’s used in mass produced furniture and gives a uniform look.

Our veneer features all the charm and character of real wood.

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