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Leather Care Guide

Caring for your Leather

First, to keep your leather beautiful we recommend the following for cleaning. Your sofa should be dusted with a soft clean cloth. We suggest one is kept for sole use on your leather furniture. Also, from time to time the base will benefit from a light vacuuming.

An occasional very gentle wipe with a slightly damp cloth will keep the grime at bay. Never use soap or household cleaners which will build up a sticky residue on the leather.

The good news is that spills and stains will usually respond rapidly to warm water – needing only a surface-wipe or dab. Followed by a dab with a damp cloth rinsed in clean water. Leave it to dry for three or four days. Never, NEVER soak the leather.

For further advice we recommend you contact a professional cleaning company.

Grease should just be dabbed away, leaving the residue to gradually dissipate into the leather. On semi-aniline leather a gentle rub will often re-arrange the pigment enough to remove the stain. But be gentle.

And although leather is remarkably forgiving, it’s also wise to position the furniture away from fires, strong sunlight or radiators, which can dry or fade the leather.

Finally, for real peace of mind, Multiyork offers a leather care kit as well as a leather warranty covering accidental damage – please ask in store for details.

A final furnishing fact: if you’ve ever wondered why there’s always some fabric in a cushion cover, it’s to stop air being trapped inside and ‘squeaking’ when you sit down allowing air to escape at an even rate. The fabric also stops the cushion from slipping on the sofa.

And a final maintenance tip: If one side of a sofa is used more regularly than the other, it’s advisable to swap the cushions over from time to time to even-out any wear. It is also a good idea to occasionally turn the cushion interiors as well.

So now you have the picture. What makes every Multiyork sofa so special, including leather sofas, is the choice of comfort levels, superb springing, a hardwood frame and a long, long life – guaranteed. Also an optional leather warranty.

Leather adds luxury and beauty, enormous strength and comfort all year round.

As a natural material it carries the marks and gentle shading which make each piece of furniture unique. Above all it will mellow gracefully and even improve with age.

Natural Characteristics of Leather

Leather is a natural product with all that this implies, shade, grain variations and natural marking add to its charm. Each hide has its own characteristics. The marks which we consider are natural to leather are the following:

  • Scars – these are caused in many ways, often because of barbed wire fences. As with humans, the scars heal but often leave fine lines. The healed or closed scars are not to be confused with open scars that are automatically rejected during manufacturing.
  • Creases – these normally appear in the neck area of the hide. They can, because of their heavy grain, look attractive and add to the natural characteristics of the leather.
  • Colour variation – each animal is different, therefore each hide will have a slightly different shade.
  • Bite Marks – cattle are still attacked by insects, these occur as tiny marks on the surface.
  • Veins – the veins will appear on the hide, again this is a natural characteristic from the cattle hide.

These are all features of the leather, not faults. They have no weakening effect on the hide, they are only surface variations.

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