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How to choose your style

Things to think about...

Deciding which style you’re drawn to is one part of finding your perfect fit. Then there’s the practical part like making sure the furniture will fit your room, your lifestyle and the needs of your family or social life. Here are a few practical guidelines to help you decide on your ideal sofa style.

Just a few of our sofa styles to choose from...

How big is your room?

Make sure the sofa style you’ve got your eye on will fit comfortably into your living space. Take a little time to measure up your room to get an accurate idea; one trick is to lay newspaper on the floor to map out the area your sofa will cover. Many larger sofas come with a dismantle option. We can usually get your sofa into any room no matter how tricky the access, so don’t worry about that. And if in the future you want to move your sofa to another room (or home) it’s simple - all you need is a spanner.

How much space do you want to allow around the furniture?

Remember to leave room to open the door properly and to be able to move between sofas and chairs. Ideally keep furniture 30cm away from radiators or open fires to prevent damage.

How many people do you want to seat at one time?

Many of our ranges have a choice of two or three different sizes of sofa. When it comes to making sure everyone is sitting comfortably here’s the rule of thumb:

  • Large or extra large sofas are good for three people
  • Small sofas are good for two people
  • Compact sofas or snuggler chairs are oversized for one person or cosy for two

What’s your best sofa combination?

Are you best with 2 small sofas or one large sofa plus a couple of chairs? Armchairs are a flexible choice as you can move them around easily and re-position them as the mood (or occasion) takes you.

How can you make the most of your space?

Here are some style pointers to bear in mind as you choose your sofa style

  • High backs on sofas and chairs may look best in rooms with high ceilings
  • Lower backs in less open rooms create the illusion of more space
  • Lower backs in open-plan rooms make them look even roomier
  • Enhance your open plan space with modular furniture
  • Modular furniture can work well for small spaces or awkwardly shaped rooms because you can alter its shape to suit you

How about a Sofa Bed?

Sofa beds give you lots of options, not just for living rooms but for spare rooms or studies where you want a double bed but don’t want to fill the space permanently. Our sofa beds are built to last with simple and sturdy pull out mechanisms and good mattresses that are comfortable for both sleeping and sitting. (Note – sofa beds tend to feel firmer when you’re sitting on them because of the sofa bed mechanism underneath.)

Have you thought about a Footstool?

Matching footstools are a clever way to add extra seating for when you’ve got friends round. Some of them even lift up to give you storage space for magazines, newspapers or your secret stash of snacks. (Note - some are quite large so make sure you have enough floorspace)

Have your thought about a matching or accent armchair?

Armchairs are the natural accessory to your sofa and in the same style will match it completely. Or do what the interior designers do and have an accent chair in a contrasting colour, fabric or style.

How can you update your current sofa?

Many Multiyork sofas come with our signature removable covers, so you can refresh your sofa or give it a brand new look whenever you want.

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