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How to choose your fabric


We’ll cover your sofa in any fabric you like but some wear better than others. With that in mind we’ve gathered the best fabrics from top designers and created our own superior quality Multiyork Studio Collection range. All to bring you the freshest trends and the most enduring fashions from around the globe.


Browse 1,000s of samples in your local store and take generous sample swatches home with you to see how they look in your room. Or you can go online to www.multiyork.co.uk and order swatches of your favourite fabrics and we’ll pop them in the post to you. (Sorry but we don’t send out leather samples as they vary slightly from hide to hide and we can’t promise you the exact match to your swatch.)


While you’re on our website have a play with our sofa creator - click on the sofa style you like and then select a fabric. With our technological wizardry you can see what the sofa now looks like in your favourite fabric.


What kind of material is the best fit for your lifestyle and personality? Here are a few favourites:

This is a timeless and luxurious choice. Our top quality semi aniline leather is supple, beautiful and hardwearing. Each piece has its own character and only gets better with age.

Chenille or Velvet
These are the fabrics you want to stroke. With their gorgeous pile they have an incredibly soft texture and a vibrant colour. They catch and reflect the light to create a sumptuous look. If you want a sophisticated show-stopper of a sofa these are the fabrics for you.

Cotton and Linen
For natural beauty and great versatility you can’t go wrong with cotton and linen mixes. Soft to touch but hard-wearing, they create a fresh understated style for a country, casual, or coastal feel.


Your Multiyork sofa will stay looking pristine for years to come with our replaceable covers that can be removed in minutes for cleaning. Ask about our washable fabrics – we’ve over 350 fabrics suitable for machine washing.


Natural products have certain features that make them unique and add to their individual charm. In the main, Multiyork Studio Collection fabrics are made from 75% natural yarn. That means each piece of fabric has its own personality.


Don’t worry if you notice the following characteristics in your fabric:

Slubs & knots
Most fabrics are woven on looms and sometimes slubs and knots will be visible on the surface of the fabric where yarns are naturally bulkier or joined. This is a natural feature of linens and cottons and not a fault in the material.

Cotton seeds
These are often found on 100% cotton fabrics that haven’t been dyed or bleached. This is a natural feature and part of the beauty of cotton.

Chenille and velvet yarns
With a little bit of love and attention these luxurious fabrics will keep their rich look. You might notice they have a tendency to:

Fabrics with a pile will need brushing up to keep their texture and vibrant colour. (They flatten a little where you sit on them.)

Chenille and velvet covers are more prone to move as the pile of the cushions rub against the body cover. It’s not a problem, you just need to re-dress them and tuck them back in from time to time.

When the stripe pattern isn’t symmetrical the velvet pile on outside arms is cut with the nap in the opposite direction. Just brush the pile in the direction of the nap to keep the fabric looking sharp.

Chenille and velvet look so luxurious and appealing because they have a distinctive fabric pile that catches the light. Sometimes it looks like the fabric is a different shade of colour on different parts of the sofa. This is because when the fabric is wrapped around the furniture the pile runs in different directions and results in varying degrees of light absorption. This is called shading and it’s not a difference in the dye, it’s just where the light is hitting some areas of the sofa more than others.


Multiyork furniture stands out because we get the details absolutely spot on. And we offer you a full range of finishing touches that take your sofa from excellent to sensational.




Dependent upon the pattern and pile direction of certain fabrics they may be cut in a different way to achieve the best possible finished result. Below are the three different cut methods that may be used:

This is the most economical use of fabric as it doesn’t work around the pattern. The seams will usually line up with the splits in between cushions and valance pleats.

Panel Match
We cut the fabric to create a symmetrical pattern on each panel of your sofa. We choose the central motif of the fabric and cut the material to make sure it appears in the centre of the main panels of the sofa as you look at it.

Pattern Match
We cut the fabric to make sure the design lines up through the sofa (both horizontally and vertically). The pattern flows continuously across the seams as if the sofa were cut out of one giant piece of fabric. Depending on the sofa size and fabric, the seams don’t always fall in line with the splits in between cushions or valance pleats.

For an outstanding finish
Pattern and panel matched sofas take more fabric and more time as we match, cut and sew it all by hand. These options will cost you a little more than random cut patterns, but really create sofas with an extra finesse.

You can tell a well-dressed person from their shoes, and it’s the same with sofas. The ultimate finishing touch is the feet. With some of our sofas you can choose from several different styles of feet in a range of five finishes. Give a traditional sofa shape a quirky twist by adding modern-style feet or introduce a romantic note to a laid-back sofa with ornately carved feet.By the way if you’re using castors, you can get castor cups for them to sit on so your sofa won’t slide around on wooden floors.

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