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How to choose your comfort level

Sinking into your sofa at the end of the day is one of life’s little pleasures. And because everyone has a different idea of comfort we’ve created 7 levels for you to choose from. Whether you like a firm, bouncy seat or to sink into a sofa like a big squidgy hug, we’ll make your sofa to fit you perfectly.

Come in and try our taster sofas in store

The best way to decide on your ideal comfort level is to come in to your local store and experience our special Tester Sofas made to demonstrate the full range of fillings. And with the option of a different filling in your seat cushions and back cushions you’re free to choose the combination that feels best to you.

Find your local store

Taster sofas

Why they’re so good

Besides how comfortable they are each filling type has other characteristics that might affect your choice. For example, some fillings are really low maintenance and others like a little bit of tender loving care from time to time.

Practical Guidelines to our 7 fillings

Multi-Foam (MS)

The firmest of our seat cushion interiors and most resilient, meaning it will spring back into shape as soon as you stand.  Foam requires minimum maintenance and gives a neat appearance.  With age and use the foam will soften.

Multi-Wrap (MW)

Foam core in the center with a fibre wrap, this interior gives a good blend of firmness and comfort, but with a more relaxed appearance than Multi-foam or Multi-sprung.

Multi-Feather (DF)

Duck feather, this traditional luxurious interior gives a relaxed look and a sumptuous sit.  Duck feather is a higher maintenance option needing regular plumping to retain shape.

Multi-Feather and Foam (FL)

A blend of Duck feather and premium foam pieces, gives a relaxed look and sit, the foam blend helps the cushion to maintain its shape so you still get the feel of a feather cushion with reduced maintenance.

Multi-Fibre (MF)

This is a non-allergenic fibre and is therefore suitable for those with allergies to feathers. The filling tends to recover its shape more readily than feather just needing to be plumped occasionally.

Multi-Sprung (SC)

If you are after a firmer feel, our individually pocketed coils will offer you all the support you need, the pocket springs are in the core of the interior and surrounded by foam. Multi-sprung requires minimum maintenance and gives a neat appearance.

Multi-Deluxe (MD)

This cushion filling is the best of both worlds. The resilience and stability of foam encased in a soft channelled duvet wrap, filled with duck feather and premium foam blend for the ultimate luxury.


High quality leather has more character than less expensive leather. So instead of a plasticky uniform look nature’s variations make it more beautiful and original.

You might notice:
Small marks in the grain. These are features of this natural product though in some cases we cut the leather so any variation isn’t seen on the visible areas.

  • You might see natural markings or scarring from the animal’s hide.
  • You might see colour variation between panels because different areas of natural hide absorb dyes differently.
  • Leather tends to stretch a little with use.
  • When cleaning we recommend a soft damp cloth and then buff leather with a dry cloth.

Understanding your colours

We and our fabric houses all use the best dyes. No dye batch is ever exactly the same so if you want matching pieces it’s best to order all of them at the same time.

You might notice:

  • Because we use a high percentage of natural yarn, removable covers will shade down a little after each wash. It won’t be dramatic, just a gradual process over the years. It’s a natural part of that soft lived-in look that gives furniture real character.
  • Direct sunlight will cause a slow colour fade. For a conservatory or south facing room bear that in mind especially if you’re thinking about choosing dark colours.




Real wood has lovely natural variations in colour and grain so no two pieces of wood ever look identical even in the same piece of furniture. It’s part of what gives real wood its character.

You might notice:

  • Real wood features natural-occurring knots and variations in the grain.
  • Oak features distinctive flecks in the wood which is all part of its natural beauty.
  • All wood furniture colour mellows slightly with age. (And just looks better and better).
  • It’s normal to notice slight colour variations within one piece of furniture as no two pieces of wood are exactly the same colour.
  • All our wood pieces are hand-finished by craftsmen so there might be minor differences in shade and shape. This adds to their appearance as they won’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ machined look.
  • For some pieces our craftsmen use special techniques to distress the wood (to create an attractive aged appearance). Because it’s done by hand you might see slight variations in the final piece.
  • As wood is a natural product it’ll adapt to its environment, retaining moisture in a humid environment and losing moisture in a dry environment. That means, in time, the wood will grow or shrink slightly and create some unevenness or possibly fine cracks. This is a natural ageing process and nothing to worry about. It’s just more added character.


We often use veneer in our furniture. Veneer is real wood, cut finely for decorative purposes. Occasionally we use man-made timber to strengthen the real wood veneer.

  • Don’t worry, our veneer isn’t made from foil or film that’s used in mass produced furniture and gives a uniform look.
  • Our veneer features all the charm and character of real wood.
  • Veneer products are less prone to warping and bending.

What to expect when your furniture first arrives

Comfort Level

Don’t worry if your furniture seems firmer than the one you tried in store - especially if you have a thicker fabric. The tester sofas have had a lot of use in the store so have naturally softened. After a few weeks of use your new sofa will relax and feel exactly right.

Gaps around cushions

When your sofa is delivered you might notice gaps around the cushions and arms. This is normal and it’s just because the cushions haven’t had time to settle yet. Get cosy on your sofa and it’ll soon settle down and the gaps will close up.

How to keep your sofa in good shape

We all have our favourite place to sit – the armchair nearest the fire or the end of the sofa nearest the window. Naturally, the cushions in our favourite spots show a little more wear than other places if you don’t do a few simple things:

  • Plumping cushions (especially feather and hollow fill)
  • Switching identical cushions around from time to time
  • Redressing covers – covers might shift a little bit over time. Just tuck them back in firmly down the back of cushions with your special Multiyork tailoring bat (supplied with every sofa). Chenille and velvet covers move the most and so we place extra ‘stabilisers’ down the side of the arms to help keep them in place.

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