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Finishing touches

Extra Removable Covers

You can get a second set of removable covers at any point. They’re a wonderful way to transform the look of your sofa and whole room within minutes. This means you get two looks from one sofa. You might want to order a second set straight away so that you’ve always got a spare set to dress your sofa with when the first set is being washed. We keep your sofa’s measurements so even if your model stops being made we can still create new covers that fit perfectly whenever you feel like giving your sofa a makeover.

(Notes: All our removable covers are either machine washable or dry cleanable (check your sewn in label to determine the appropriate cleaning method). It’s a good idea to wash or dry clean your covers every 2 years to keep them looking their best. If you are dry cleaning your covers this is best done in situ at your home).

Cover Fitting Service

If you’re a bit pressed for time, or find things like this a bit of a struggle, we’ll come round and fit your new or freshly cleaned covers for you. Just call your local store to fix a time.

Scatter Cushions

Take your sofa to the next level of style with scatter cushions in matching or contrasting colours and fabrics. Or do both and get two great looks from your sofa with a second set of cushions. Try silk cushions on linen, or velvet on leather to make your sofa even more inviting and stylish.


If you’ve chosen a sofa with a valance you can choose a stiffened valance to give a more structured rather than relaxed look. Keeps your sofa looking very smart.

Arm caps

You can order these to match most fabric sofas. They help to preserve an area of heavy wear. Twist pins are available to secure arm caps in place.

Stain Proofing

Protect your upholstery against life’s little surprises.

Most people choose this option as it helps you keep your covers pristine. A fabric protector will resist most every day spills – just dab or blot them away with a dry cloth or tissue.

No protector will make fabric 100% stain proof, but Multiyork fabric protector gives the maximum possible protection against stains by creating an invisible barrier around the fibres of your upholstery. It will not change the look, feel, smell or colour ofyour upholstery.


Most of our sofa frames carry a 15 year frame and spring guarantee. They’re exceptionally well-built and many dismantle if you need to get them into almost inaccessible places or if you want to move them to a new room or home. For full details on how to dismantle your sofa call your local store.

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