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Multiyork House to Home – the story

The difference between a house and a home is the way it makes us feel. Whether it’s the warmth on a cold day, the relaxation after work, or playing with the grandkids; it’s where we build our memories for years to come.

We’ve surveyed 500 UK residents to find out what they love about their homes. Here are the most interesting findings from the survey: 

Which room is our favourite?

A cosy living room, a relaxing bathroom, a social dining room; most houses have a selection of rooms to enjoy, but which one is our favourite?

It seems that for almost half of our testers (48%),living rooms win the popularity contest. In fact, 57% of us spend most our home time in them.

Whether we’re cuddling up with our partner by the fire, hosting our grandchildren for the weekend or simply watching an excellent documentary, the living room is the hub of our home lives. It's the place we think about after a long day out and about, and the environment we feel most comfortable.

What is the most important element of our home?

When we think about our homes, what are the most important aspects of them? Is it the warmth they bring, how they look on the exterior or how secure they are?

Out of the testers we asked, security (29%) was the most important aspect of a house, closely followed by it being suitable for the family (25.2%).

The two top results go hand in hand – we want a safe living environment for our families and, of course, it must be child-friendly.

Interestingly, though, 13.6% of people surveyed said the appearance of their house was a top priority. But does having a visually appealing house make it a

What do we most miss about home?

We all get homesick now and then. Whether we’re on holiday abroad or visiting someone in the UK, we will inevitably miss home. But why is this?

Nearly half of the people surveyed said they missed their own beds (45%) more than anything else, and almost a third missed their own things and being in
their own environment.

Of course, a good night sleep is vital for our health and overall wellbeing, and sometimes being away from our beds creates a poor sleeping environment. There’s no wonder we miss the one thing that we relate to rest and relaxation.

What would we most change about our home?

We choose a house because we’re initially attracted to all aspects of it; whether it has a brilliant location, original décor or a great
floorplan. But to turn it into our home, we can’t help ourselves but make alterations all over the shop.

According to well over a third of the people surveyed, size does matter. 37% of us would prefer a larger house, while just under a quarter of us feel the location could be more convenient (22.7%).

So, for most of the UK, we would love more space in our homes, but do the people who live near transport links and amenities take this for

It seems the more rural areas of Britain – the North West, Scotland and the South West – are more concerned with the remote location of their properties. City dwellers like in London, for instance, enjoy the convenience of their home locations but are pining for a larger build.

What do we remember about home as a child?

Home as a child meant safety, security and where mum fed us all those comforting meals. But looking back on it now, what do we remember most about the home we grew up in?

Out of the 500 people surveyed, it was people (32%) that they most missed, closely followed by, surprisingly, coming home from school (28%).

There’s no doubt that for most of us, school was not the best of fun. This is why coming home every afternoon was the definition of relief, and why we remember home as being our sanctuary when growing up. But was this as important for every region across the UK?

Interestingly, for the people who grew up in Yorkshire, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it was the thought of playing inside which made them nostalgic. Does this mean that the furniture used in all these regions is extremely robust and sturdy?

How have we changed our homes?

We all have different-sized homes; some are lucky enough to have large estates in the country, and some have slightly less space in the city. But how does this affect what changes we make to them? How have we changed our homes since first moving in?

From those surveyed, making significant redecorations (41%) – i.e. new paint, wallpaper, carpets, etc. – was the most popular way of changing their home. Then 32% of people used tweaks and personal touches – added accessories, decorative features, etc. – to make their house homelier.

Adding things to our houses, whether it's a new lick of paint, a brand-new wardrobe or a piece of artwork, gives it more of a homelier feel. So, it’s no surprise that nearly threequarters of us either made significant or small tweaks to our homes since first moving in.

From a regional point of view, there are variations. London has been hit by rising housing prices with more people renting properties. This has inevitably meant that fewer people  make significant or structural changes to their homes.

What is our favourite piece of furniture?

Watching the television in peace, lying down after a long day, or eating our favourite meal. We all have furniture to suit different occasions - whether it’s a sofa, bed or dining table - but what is our overall favourite piece?

From our survey, it transpired that over a third of us just couldn't get enough of our bed (35%), a quarter adore their sofa (25%), and a minority can't live without their entertainment unit (14%).

But based on our regional results, people from the East Midlands and the North East are the only areas to prefer their sofas over their beds. Is this because falling asleep on the couch is as good as getting into bed? Are the sofas made here more comfortable than others across the UK?

On top of this, the people of Northern Ireland are the only region to appreciate their dining table more than their sofas. We can only assume this is because the Northern Irish people have a strong family culture. Eating around the table, instead of in front of the television, is a great example for all of us.

Conclusions of the study

So, it looks like we all love our homes for varied reasons - each one is unique to the next person. However, the living room and bedroom seem to be the rooms we most enjoy spending time in, and the environments which make our house a home.

As the results showed, over half of us prefer our living room over any other room, while we have a fondness for our beds, sofas and dining room tables. But how do we decorate these rooms to make them homelier? Which pieces of furniture should we choose to add character to our homes?

Through interviews with industry experts, we’ll be putting together a selection of “tips and advice” articles on how to make a house a home.

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