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Retro Trends in Furniture

There is no doubt that retro trends in furniture are back in a big way! Have you ever heard if you save your clothes or furniture for 20-30 years the styles will come back in fashion?

While this may be true, sometimes the styles don’t come back in the same exact materials, colors or execution of the design but the original intent does resurface. Furniture design is similar to fashion in that designers gain inspiration from the past and fuse it with modern details and inspiration.

In recent years there has been a re-emergence of retro television, movie, fashion, automobile and all design industry fields have seen vintage charm. If you are stumped on how to choose retro furniture and inspiration, surf the internet to your favourite pop culture icons. Everyone from celebrities to everyday people are bringing out vintage finds and changing the world with.

Above we've matched the Hilton Upholstery Range with the Ellesmere Cabinet and Dining to give a 1970's retro look.

1. Choosing an era that you love for your interiors:

Choose an era that best suits your style, it’s about digging out the nuggets from the past and recreating it with a modern twist. Many homeowners like to choose mid-20th century modern furniture that focuses roughly from 1930’s – 1960’s. While there is still a trend for 70’s and 80’s periods as well, decide what characteristics you enjoy and that fit your design style. The furniture of each era have their share of patterns, colours, finishes and pop culture appeal that will resonate with every homeowner differently.

2. Choose furniture that matches the architecture of your home:

Many homeowners choose furniture from the inside out, while others prefer to let the architecture of their home help decide their furniture options. Visit your local reclaim centre for ideas and bargains. You’ll be amazed what you can find from 1920’s free standing baths to pendant light wall fixtures.

This is perfect for homes that love to mimic streamlined retro furniture to counterbalance expansive windows and views. Take a look back in the history books for the look of a 1930’s or 1970’s home an choose your favourite architectural style that would complement your furniture too!

Take inspiration from the period features in your home to create a vintage interior.

3. Retro lighting to illuminate in style:

Lighting was an integral part of retro furniture décor.

Ever popular in the 1970’s was the retro metal arc floor lamp with the big lampshade which has resurfaced as a favourite in this modern era. As has the re-introduction of aluminium into wall and pendant fixtures of the late 1960’s.

4. Diner style kitchens that make you reminisce:

Kitchens have come a long way in design over the years and retro appliances and vintage furniture that recreate a scene from your favourite greasy-spoon diner are a wonderful and nostalgic trend. The 1950’s style of family diners with high contrast colour booths, metallic finishes, and the feeling of hanging out at the local neighbourhood diner can be recreated in your kitchen today. Mix modern with retro diner kitchen amenities.

Bring elements of your retro look through from your living room to your dining room with co-ordinated furniture or mix and match some styles to add a further dimension to your overall living space.

Have a look in our stores to see our range of lamps and which era they fit into.

5. Choosing accessories that bring out retro appeal:

There are plenty of the infamous 60’s inspired sunburst mirrors gracing the walls in many homes and featuring in the latest home interior magazines along with retro clocks.

Not sure if you want to totally submerge yourself in a retro style but prefer to add a subtle nod to the era then choose accessories that can be added to your home and those that won’t dictate your style by overpowering your already modern, traditional or even classic styling.

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