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Things to consider when buying a sofa


1. Compact/2 seater sofas are ideal for those with limited space, and for families with children, a 3-seater sofa will be a good size to start with. Sofa beds are also a good practical solution for accommodating guests.

2. To ensure the sofa fits in your living room, always use a masking tape or sheets of newspaper to map out where you will place the sofa with exact measurements. Also make sure your chosen sofa will fit through access or has a dismantle option.


1. Buying a sofa is a major investment so opt for a design that will not date after a few years. Chesterfield sofas and tub chairs are good examples, or choose a more contemporary design with simple clean lines and refined silhouette.

2. For those who want to inject some personality, try mixing the old with the new. Classic styles as a Chesterfield sofa can help inject that extra “wow” factor into a modern living space.


1. Silks, embroidered base cloths and those with metal or printed surface coatings are generally not suitable for upholstery. These fabrics, however, are suitable for decorative scatter cushions.

2. When choosing your fabric, look for a minimum of 15,000 and ideally 20,000 rubs (Martindale Rub Test) to ensure the fabric will be suitable for upholstery.

3. Consider a second set of changeable covers as they allow you to update the look easily without having to buy a whole new sofa.

4. Leather is a popular option with its smooth and soft texture, making it easy to clean whilst offering a sophisticated look. However, it only suitable for fixed covers and can get dried out if the sofa is placed near the radiators (distance allowed – min. 30cm).


1. Neutral coloured sofas with minimal design details are a good all-rounder as they suit every style of living room. Muted tones also help lighten up a room whilst creating the feeling of space. Choose a bright coloured sofa if you have a large living space that needs a statement piece to create that important focal point.

2. Always try to keep your sofa away from direct sunlight to avoid fading; otherwise, choose a light-coloured fabric.

3. Before placing your order, always take home a fabric swatch to check that the colour and texture will coordinate with other furnishings in the room.

Comfort Level

1. Bouncy, firm, soft or squidgy, it’s important you choose the comfort level that’s exactly right for you. At Multiyork, there are 8 comfort levels for you to choose from (visit www.multiyork.co.uk for more details).

2. Foam fillings offer firm and bouncy support, while hollow fibre, feather and down give a softer more relaxed feel. Alternatively, choose fibre wrapped foam, the most commonly used filling which combines the two offering a softer look with the practical support of a foam core.

3. Besides how comfortable they are, each filling type has other characteristics that might affect your choice. For instance, fibre wrapped foam is relatively low maintenance – it helps create the feel of feathers but without the need to regularly plump the cushions.

4. The best was to decide on your ideal comfort level is to visit the store and try it out personally. Multiyork offers Tester Sofas in all stores for customers to try out the full range of fillings.

Don’t Forget....

1. You can personalise your sofa and make it your own with a variety of leg options in different finishes, as well as cushion fillings to suit different style and comfort requirements. Scatter cushions and footstools can be made to order offer extra comfort whilst complementing the sofa.

2. Buying a sofa is a big investment, so always try to choose one with a longer guarantee.

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