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Carole Kings Multiyork Interior Design Trends for Spring/Summer

We’ve teamed up with Interior Designer Carole King, joint EIC of Heart Home Magazine and author of Dear Designers blog to bring you the latest interiors trends.   Carole popped into  store to take us through the trends.

Whether you decide to launch yourself into a large DIY project or you are looking to undertake simple decorating updates, the key to bringing beauty into every corner of your space is by exploring options that pay homage to the latest interiors trends.

Even if you didn’t quite manage to put your decorating glad rags to use last year, fear not, there’s plenty of opportunity to do so this time around. By embracing just a few elements of these design-led looks predicted to prove popular in coming months, you’ll be able to transform how you live in an instant – we guarantee it.

Turn your attention to your home with our round up of favourite interiors trends and living room ideas set to impact and inspire this year, which will take you from season-to-season:

The Botanical Trend:

One of the easiest ways to revitalise your existing scheme is by introducing decorative touches inspired by the trend for botanicals; a blossoming look that has been slowly gathering momentum for a couple of years now. A bright palette infused with graduated leafy green hues will not only make your space feel airy and refreshed but pleasantly welcoming, too.

It’s instantly recognisable”, says Carole King, Interior Designer and Blogger. “From large scale leaves and buds that can be found cascading across walls, creeping across fabrics and adorning a manner of accessories like tableware and cushions.”  Botanical decoration can even be found on ceramic bathroom wall and floor tiles; this is a sure sign that this is a trend that is going to be around for the long-term. Try not to confuse it with recent looks like small scale floral prints, as this year will more typically include palm leaves, ferns and tropical forests, with exotic flora and fauna.

Carole adds: “I think it all stems from a desire to bring the outside in as, after all, green is a calming colour and has strong associations with nature. It’s well known that houseplants have a positive effect on our health and well-being, so why not replicate that with decoration throughout our homes?”

You can be as adventurous as you like, but to ease yourself into the trend try dressing a sofa or armchair with a few new pillows, create an inviting ambiance with lighting or introduce stylish bed linens for the bedroom. For added impact, embrace botanicals wholeheartedly with a new suite and a whole forest of hot house specimens.

The Industrial Trend:

It’s a trend that celebrates anything that is utilitarian looking and aged; wood is rough, raw and untreated, metals are beaten and rugged whilst leather is worn and distressed. “This look prizes the unadorned bones of a building with its bare bricks, unpainted plaster and signs of history,” says Carole King. There’s no doubt that it originates from a growing realisation that the worlds’ resources are dwindling and that it is better to re-use and re-appropriate where possible .“Even if you don’t live in a Manhattan loft or a renovated barn, you can replicate some of the features with carefully selected furniture and accessories,” comments Carole. It’s quite a masculine look but can be softened with a choice of different textures across decorative homewares.

A generously proportioned leather sofa is often at the heart of an industrial inspired interior scheme. If you aren’t blessed with original brick walls you can find some very convincing wallpaper on the market that will do the trick, whilst wood cladding on walls works equally well. Bare floorboards can be made cosier with stylish deep pile rugs and complimented by industrial lighting that will pull together the whole look.

To avoid creating a cold and unwelcoming room, be sure to inject some warmth too with vintage maps and film posters as well as soft furnishing like cushions and throws that are great at adding some much-needed colour. Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures, exploring knits, velvets, linens, silks and even lace for a fanciful finish.

The English Country House Trend:

Offering a more refined look for your home, the English Country House trend’s biggest key feature is one of comfort and draws a lot of inspiration from tradition. Our sense of British heritage also plays a big influence, along with deep cushioned furniture, welcoming armchairs, soft rugs and a feeling of being cosseted in a familiar, cosy place. Popular TV programmes have helped to resurrect this style; Downton Abbey, in particular, has a lot to answer for.

“It’s also a very easy look to pull together - there’s nothing too loud when it comes to colour or pattern, rather it’s a quiet, hushed and welcoming look that creates a refuge from the outside world,” says Carole King. Don’t worry about having to match your walls with your furniture or homewares, in fact, the more contrasting patterns and textures the better; just make sure that there is a common thread of colour. Plaids and florals can happily co-exist, whilst furniture from different eras can sit side by side – everything should look as if it has slowly come together over time.

As well as numerous comfy chairs, this trend calls for more elaborate window treatments like curtains wonderfully draped over blinds or even blinds layered over nets. Layers are essential to create a look of quintessential English homeliness. If it’s just homewares that you’re updating then beautifully knitted throws over sofas will make a gorgeous edition, accompanied by lots and lots of cushions. For those of you that are planning a larger renovation, get creative with your walls and explore reclaimed wood panelling options that endures lasting appeal.

If you have a tendency to update your home more often, give your walls a quick refresh with scattered artwork or repainted frames. Family mementoes dotted on every surface are a perfect finishing touch; just remember that nothing is too overtly formal

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