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Using the Colour Wheel

This week we look at using the colour wheel to help us choose the right colours for our homes...

If you want to achieve a professional look in your home then there are few colour rules to which you will need to adhere. 


The first thing you want to think about when choosing colour is whether to go with the Warm or Cool sides of the wheel.Warm colours will make a room feel happy, inviting and full of energy. Whereas, cool colours will make a space feel more calm and relaxing.



Once you have decided whether to go warm or cool, it’s time to choose your colour or colours.

Very popular at the moment is the trend for Monochromatic and Ombre colour schemes. This is where you stick to just one colour from the wheel and use it in varying intensities from light to dark. This is quite an easy look to create and it will leave you with a space that has a sophisticated, rich look.


The most common type of colour combination people tend to choose is called Analogous. This is created by putting 2 to 4 neighbouring colours from the wheel together, They can be cool, all warm or even a mix.



If you want a look that is bold, go for Complementary hues that are directly opposite each other on the colour spectrum. A word of caution however, this look can be difficult to pull off. We recommend choosing one colour as your ‘main’ and then using the other more sparingly as an 'accent'.



Lastly, a combination that can be very tricky to pull off, the Triad/Contrast scheme, this is a look which is bold yet balanced. Create it by choosing three colours which are evenly spread on the colour wheel and form a triangle.

Follow the rules of the colour wheel and you will be on your way to having a harmonous living space in no time. And don't forget, we have the widest fabric collection of any British sofa maker, so if you are looking for a particular colour we will have it. Take a look at our Fabric Carousel. We also have a large array of Scatter Cushions available online if you are looking for an instant colour update.

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