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How To Create A Calm Room To Chill In When The Kids Have Gone To Bed

Do you often complain that you’re rushed off your feet whilst the children are awake, juggling work commitments, nursery/school runs, play dates and need time to relax?

At the end of a hard day, when you have given your heart, soul and your last drop of energy to those little cherubs, it is how most people feel. After all, grownups have batteries to recharge too. Spend just 10 minutes tidying the toys, crayons and paper away and then sit back and enjoy your “ME” time.

Here are a few ideas to help you create a serene room to chill in when the children have gone to bed.


Relaxing rooms use natural shades of paint or wallpaper to introduce peace. Light browns and beige are far less shocking to the eyes than brilliant white or bright orange. Green has a calming effect as long as it is not too bright; dark green looks very classy and brings a sultry overtone to the room, as does deep red.

Window Decor

When thinking about luxury, window blinds do not spring to mind. High quality curtains bring a warmth that is lacking from vertical or venetian blinds.


We have a multitude of sofa styles and sizes. You need a sofa that you sink into at the end of the day, to rest your weary bones. Low backed models look great in modern surroundings and can be tried in any of our stores as well as our tester sofas with 7 different comfort options. Traditional, heavily upholstered sofas are suitable for this room. Match them with a footstool for your aching feet.

Arrange the furniture so that there is a coffee or lamp table next to where you rest. It’s more convenient to have your coffee or glass of rose within easy reach than lean forward to the floor with the possible hazard of knocking them over, then the relaxing time turns into clear up time again.

Lighting the room

If your only source of light comes from overhead, install a suitable dimmer switch to lower the harsh illumination. A tropical fish tank gives interesting background lighting and watching the fish will lower your blood pressure, apparently. Table lamps and lava lamps both enhance atmosphere you are building. Candles will be around forever, and the flickering flames are ideal for slowing things down and meditating.

Heat Source

If you own a coal, log, or gas fire, now is the time to light it. Fire brings out subconscious primitive memories that are calming and reassuring. Electric flame effect fires are a great alternative where there is no gas supply and very realistic. Even if the heat isn’t on, the flames are still fascinating.

Toasty Feet

If you have a wooden floor, cover it. Thick carpet is best in a comfy room, but fur rugs will suffice if you find the wood or laminate useful in the day.


If you watch television to relax at night, get the best equipment you can afford. Why not treat yourself and watch your favourite programmes in high definition?

Remember when you are sitting in your little haven, to leave the living room door open in case the children need you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to relax, you are always on duty and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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