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5 Easy Steps to Turn a Modern Living Room into a Traditional Space

Have you moved into a new house or apartment that has no soul thanks to the ultra-modern decor that has been left behind by the previous owners or tenants? The latest interior designs are not to everyone’s taste, and when they are installed to a poor standard they have a detrimental effect on the rooms.

Does this problem afflict you, fear not; the solution awaits you here. Here are five easy steps to turn your living room into a traditional space.


The plain white walls are doing little to help you to relax. Paint over them with rich colors, such as deep blue or green, which is claimed to be a very relaxing color and brings a touch of old fashioned quality to the ambiance. Bring back wallpaper to add warmth to the room. The use of high gloss wooden or laminate flooring throughout the home brings a commercial or clinical feeling that stops you relaxing. Some people find that one feature wall is all that needs wallpapering to bring it back into this time zone. If the woodwork has undergone some special paint effect, bring it back to its former glory with a fresh coat of white gloss paint.


Unpainted hardwood tables and cabinets will probably still be suitable for your traditional room since the beauty of wood is timeless. The modern, low backed corner sofa is a very modern piece so replace it with traditional armchairs that are more suited to this design.

Window Treatment

There seems to be an unhealthy obsession with blinds these days, so take them down and pack them away carefully. A heavy set of curtains will make the room feel warm instantly. Quality curtains are quite expensive, but they will give many years of good service.

Flooring Troubles

Laminate flooring is the scourge of the nation. New products, however, are not glued together and are designed to be taken apart and reassembled several times before the joints become loose. Bring in a luxury carpet that, with the curtains and furniture, creates instant luxury in your new surroundings.

Lighting Woes

Are you troubled by blinding halogen spotlights? Replace them if you are able to with an attractive stylish light fitting more suitable to your needs. If that isn’t possible, bring in a few table lamps to set the right mood in the room. It is often the lighting that brings the subtle, but most important change to the interior scheme.


When these steps are complete, your room will no longer look like it came from the space station. It will instead be a calming, relaxing place to rest your weary bones at the end of a long day. The changes will not break the bank either, so there is no downside to the project

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