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June 2014 Blog


How To Create A Calm Room To Chill In When The Kids Have Gone To Bed

June 30th 2014

Do you often complain that you’re rushed off your feet whilst the children are awake, juggling work commitments, nursery/school runs, play dates and need time to relax? At the end of a hard day, when you have given your heart, soul and your last drop of energy to those little cherubs, it is how most people feel. After all, grownups have batteries to recharge too. Spend just 10 minutes tidying the toys, crayons and paper away and then sit back and enjoy your “ME” time. Here are a few ideas to help you create a serene room to chill in...

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5 Easy Steps to Turn a Modern Living Room into a Traditional Space

June 27th 2014

Have you moved into a new house or apartment that has no soul thanks to the ultra-modern decor that has been left behind by the previous owners or tenants? The latest interior designs are not to everyone’s taste, and when they are installed to a poor standard they have a detrimental effect on the rooms. Does this problem afflict you, fear not; the solution awaits you here. Here are five easy steps to turn your living room into a traditional space. Decor The plain white walls are doing little to help you to relax. Paint over them with rich colors,...

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In the mood for red

June 23rd 2014

When it comes to red, less is usually more. When using red in your design you will either want it to match with reds that you have already used elsewhere in your decor or to act as an accent. If you decide to go for a red sofa make sure your space can handle it. High ceilings, muted walls colours and plenty of natural light will help tone down this bold hue. A large black and white painting/image placed above a red sofa can give a dramatic look. If you want a look that is more subtle think about incorporating...

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Statement Chairs

June 18th 2014

Deciding to incorporate a statement chair into your decor is an opportunity for you to find a very special chair that you will absolutely love and cherish for many years. Typically statement chairs are upholstered in stand-out fabrics and/or are interestingly shaped creating a piece that draws the eye. A statement chair needs to be something that says ‘wow’ this room is special. It will be a chair that isn’t just like one many other people are likely to have – it needs to be unique and reflect your own personal style. When looking for that special chair think about...

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Dallas Buyers Club

June 16th 2014

Director: Jean-Marc Vallée Writer: Craig Borten, Melisa Wallack Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto. Plot: Based on the life of Ron Woodroof. In Dallas, 1985, Ron Woodroof is an electrician and sometimes rodeo bull rider. He lives his life by smoking, drinking, using drugs, and is frequently involved with hookers and promiscuous women. After fainting and being sent to hospital, he told he is HIV+ and will die within 30 days. Unable to accept his diagnosis at first, Woodroof then starts the journey that leads to him opening The Dallas Buyers Club. Review: Three Oscar wins, and nominated...

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Guide to buying upholstered furniture - Part 2

June 12th 2014

FABRIC Choosing the covering for your sofa is probably one of the most exciting parts of the process. What you choose for your sofa to wear will give it its unique personality. One decision you may be struggling over is whether to choose fabric or leather. Here are a few things to consider – Leather will age beautifully over time with natural creases. It is durable, versatile and many different interior styles. Leather is also easy to clean and requires only the occasional care treatment to keep it supple. However, if you decide to go for a fabric sofa there...

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UK's Pampered Pets

June 10th 2014

We’re said to be a nation of pet lovers so we thought we would share some facts and figures on the UK’s pampered pets. Are you a pet owner that leaves a radio or tv on when you’re out? Do you let your dog on the sofa or bed? Visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/multiyork and share your pet pictures with us.

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Pack the perfect Picnic!

June 9th 2014

We 've seen the sun, now we're thinking ahead to a long summer hopefully. Our stores have the feel of summer in them so we thought we'd share our tips for the perfect picnic! Picnics of the modern age are not quite as they used to be. With so much of our food conveniently pre-packaged many have forgotten the art that is packing for a picnic. Back in Victorian times picnics were wonderful affairs comprising of homemade meals and multiple courses. So ditch the packaged sandwiches and treat your picnic as a blanket banquet. Here are some of our tips...

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Guide to buying upholstered furniture - Part 1

June 5th 2014

STYLE When choosing the style of your sofa think not only of your decor but also about how you use your sofa – how do you like to sit? Or do you like to lounge on your sofa with your feet up? Or perhaps you like to recline? When looking at sofas don’t be afraid to try these different seating positions and take along those in your family who will be using it daily so they can test it too – if you have a large family you may want to see if you can all fit on it for...

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