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Let's talk leather Some handy facts

Leather is like a vintage fine wine. It gets richer and more supple with time.

Leather comes from the skin of any animal, reptile, bird or fish. The skin is tanned to preserve it from quickly putrefying or decaying. Leather has been used by man for hundreds of years with the Eqyptians, Greeks, Romans and Vikings manufacturing chairs and other furniture.

Later the Industrial Revolution brought huge opportunities for leather makers when travel by train meant carriages as well as horse drawn carriages needed leather upholstery. With travel increasing demand grew quickly for leather goods such as luggage and trunks. Today it is used in many industries including clothing, upholstery, aviation and automotive.

Leather continues to be the material choice for many people with it's timeless, classical appeal.

Leather Facts

L: it will Last a lifetime (it’s previous owner proves it)

E: it’s Easy to take care of (low maintenance cost)

A: it has a rich Aroma (perfumeries copy the smell)

T: it is difficult to Tear or puncture

H: it has a wonderful Hand (full grain has a unique feel)

E: it is incredibly Economic (offers the best value for money)

R: it is Resistant to cracking & peeling (naturally resistant if kept way from a heat source)


F: it is Fashionable (lends itself to contemporary styles)

A: it has Automatic climate control (not hot in summer or cold in the winter)

C: it is Classy (soft, sensual, luxurious)

T: it is Time Tested and proven (used throughout evolution)

S: it is the Strongest upholstery material known to man (4 times more durable than fabric)

Here’s a taste of some of our Sofas, Armchairs and Dining Chairs that are available in leather.

Come instore or take a look online for more.

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