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Dining Room Renovation Tips You Need To Consider This Year

Are you looking for a project to take on around the home this year but don’t want to break the bank or get involved in any building work? Maybe you should consider a makeover of your dining room.

The dining room is often neglected when renovations are considered, new kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms often take priority. This shouldn’t be the case though, as the dining room serves an important function in daily life. It’s the room that is used when we entertain guests with our culinary skills, and a place where we sit as a family and discuss the days events during our evening meals. Yes, the dining room deserves its place in the home and a little respect.

If you have decided that yours would benefit from a facelift, here are some tips that will help you along in your project.

Let’s start with the floor

Modern materials and production techniques have given us a wonderful product that is ideally suited to dining rooms. We’re of course, referring to laminate flooring. This product is durable and easy to clean; perfect for a place where food and children come together. Laying the laminate floor is easy, and anyone can do it if they are able to use a saw. Here’s how to go about laying your own laminate floor.

  • Lift The Old Carpet
  • Roll out a layer of thermal insulation on the floor. This will help to  stop the cold from penetrating the laminate from the concrete floor  below.
  • Begin laying the boards at one end of the room, one row at a time. When you get to the end of the first row, the last board will have to be cut. Use the offcut to start the second row and make sure all of the end joints are staggered; never in line.
  • Leave a small expansion gap around the room; about 3mm should be adequate.
  • Cover the gap with some ornate wooden beading by pinning it to the skirting board.
  • Fix a trim in the doorways to hide the end of the laminate.

Lighting Is Important

Lighting techniques have changed over the years, and the most popular choice for a main lighting source comes from recessed ceiling lights now. The light fittings have evolved from high powered incandescent spotlight bulbs to modern LED alternatives. Small LED recessed lights look stunning in a modern setting. The quality of light is first class, the bulbs last a very long time, and since they don’t give off much heat, they are highly efficient. Before decorating the room, fit new lights. The fittings are able to be dimmed too.

New Furniture

You’re spoiled for choice here at Multiyork when trying to decide on the best dining tables and dining chairs for your setting. Many people are opting for extending tables which we have plenty of. They are great for smaller rooms where the large table is only needed at certain times of year; Christmas, family gatherings for example. Buying good quality that will last for years to come.

We offer traditional, modern, retro and country kitchen style ranges, there’s something for everyone’s style. You can buy a dining set or the individual table and mix and match the chairs to co-ordinate in different fabrics.

After the room is decorated, you can relax for another five years or more. The dining room is one of the smaller projects in the home, but it is just as satisfying to complete as any other.

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