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Pet friendly sofas

Buying a new sofa is a big purchase and an exciting way to revamp the look of your living room. Considering the style, fabric and comfort level are top priorities, but if you’re sharing your home with some beloved, furry friends you will need to ask yourself, ‘What type of sofa is best for my pets?’ To help you answer this question we’ve got some handy tips below.

Sofas for pets that shed fur

The main thing a pet owner will consider when choosing anything fabric covered for their home is inevitably how well you can clean off pet hair. Here’s what to consider:

  1. Choose a sofa fabric that's a similar colour to your pet or is at least not in stark contrast. For example, black fur will show up more on a white sofa.
  2. Removable sofa covers ensure hair missed by the vacuum is removed when washed or dry cleaned. We offer a wide range of sofas with removable covers and the option to order new ones as needed.
  3. Choose a tougher fabric that can tolerate frequent, gentle vacuuming.
  4. If your pets don't scratch, then a leather sofa is a great idea as fur can easily be wiped off.

Our Diplomat Leather Sofa below is perfect for pets that shed fur!

Diplomat Leather

Sofas for pets that scratch

Scratching is a natural behaviour for cats, but sometimes they take an unwanted fancy to our furniture, however some sofas will resist this wear better than others so consider the points below:

  1. Choose a tightly woven fabric. Claws will catch on anything too loosely woven and cause the fabric to bobble and tear.
  2. Get some fabric samples to compare textures. At Multiyork you can order up to 5 free fabric samples to try out.
  3. Leather may not be a good option for a scratching pet as claws can rip the fabric, which can be hard to repair.
  4. Removable covers mean replacing them is easy if part of the fabric becomes too worn.

Sofas for accident prone pets

Every cat and dog owner will at some point be faced with an unexpected accident from their pet and when it’s on your sofa you want to be able to clean it off as well as you can. Here’s what to remember:

  1. Removable covers mean they can be washed or dry cleaned as needed.
  2. Leather sofas are easy to clean with a damp cloth and won’t hold smells either.
  3. A patterned sofa will hide residual stains more easily than a plain or light coloured sofa.
  4. Coating your sofa with a fabric protector will create an invisible barrier over the fibres to make cleaning off stains more effective. If you order a sofa with Multiyork you can choose to have a fabric protector added before delivery.

Our Dexter Sofa in Lennox Slate fabric below is would be the ideal choice for accident prone pets!


For animal lovers choosing a sofa, research is key and the tips above will help you to make the right choice. The most important elements are to find a sofa with removable covers, the right colour or pattern in a hard-wearing, tightly woven fabric with a coating of fabric protector to top it off.

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