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Botanical Inspiration for your Home Crafts

Celebrate the the forthcoming spring with one of the season's hottest trends - Botanical Prints

 The beauty of Botanical Prints lies in their ability to bring a breath of fresh air into your home and their versatility. It is a trend that can be incorporated, at least in some capacity, into most styles of decor. From traditional and cosy (remember those Victorians who pioneered the botanical print) to the crisp, clean fern prints that are very abundant  in today's modern interiors, this is a style that is here to stay.  

Keep reading for a few ideas on using Botanical Prints in some crafty nature inspired projects.

Make your own Botanical Print Paper that could be used to wrap a present or popped into a frame to hang on the wall

You will need -

-          Paints

-          A variety of different shaped leaves that you find beautiful

-          Paper/card/fabric (furniture even if you are feeling brave, but remember to use varnish once finished)

-          Rolling pin

-          Kitchen towel

-          Paintbrush

Collect a selection of leaves you like the shape of and give them a clean and dry them off with kitchen towel (very delicately!).

 Using some gorgeous autumnal coloured paints (or wackier colours if your are going for a very stand out look) and start painting your leaves (use some newspaper to protect your table). Then once painted, place you leaf face down onto the paper you would like to print on.

Take a piece of kitchen roll, place that on top and roll your rolling pin over the top. Carefully peel away your kitchen towel and leaf to reveal your print. Repeat process as desired to create you printed paper. If you would like to use the same leaf but a different colour, give the leaf and rinse and dab it ready for a new colour.

 Leave your artwork to dry and then enjoy!


Style doesn’t get much more botanical than these Natural Fern Wall Prints!

 Start by gathering a couple of handfuls of fern stems that look healthy and green. Then lay the ferns between wax paper and press flat between large heavy books for 2-3 days.

 The next step is to then lay the flattened ferns on paper in a layout that you like the look of and affix them with a tiny bit of craft glue.

  You are then left with some beautiful botanical pieces of art which can be displayed behind glass in frames.


Have fun with a leaf pattern and create your own unique Botanical Print Tote Shopping Bag

You will need -

-          Plain tote/shopper canvas bag. These can easily be picked up at a local supermarket, or take only a few minutes to conjure up if you are handy with a sewing machine.

-          Fabric Pens

Find yourself a leaf shaped template online, or for the more creative ones, you could draw your own design. Then place it in position under the side of the bag you would like it to be and start drawing!

Follow the lines of your chosen design, use one colour for a simple look or have fun with a mixture of tropical colours.

 Here at Multiyork we have also embraced the Botanical Prints trend. Take a look at some of our favourite prints...

Verona Chair in Sanderson Primrose Hill     Cube Footstool in Sanderson Rainforest     Cuba Chair in Jane Curchill Willowbrook  

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