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Global Fabric Inspiration

In the past, exotic textiles from far off lands were the trappings of only royalty and the rich, but nowadays we can all enjoy fabrics sourced from and inspired by many different parts of the world.  In this week’s blog we take a look at some of the beautiful fabrics available today which we feel evoke the different regions of the globe.

All of the fabrics below are available on our products so if you see something you like, come and visit us in-store.



Many traditional African designs look very fresh in today’s interiors. Their bold use of colour and busy, often geometric designs are what make them so contemporary.  Traditionally different tribes would have had their own patterns, with some being used as a means of communication. Many traditional African designs work particularly well when incorporated in rugs and wall hangings. Their boldness can make them overwhelming on large pieces of upholstery, so unless you want a shout out sofa, keep these patterns restricted to accent chairs and accessories.

 (Product from top left:  Imogen Sofa in Harlequin Groove Scion, Scatter cushion in Jane Churchill Seville Red, Aston Chair in Ian Sanderson Vibe, Scatter cushion in Romo Ortega, Verona Chair in Sanderson Kazak. Swatches: Warwick Addison Indigo (Background), Multiyork Studio Collection Enlightened Ikat and Dedra Indigo, Jane Churchill Medina, Blendworth Poetic.)



French textiles have been ever sought after due to their sophisticated and timeless appeal.  Typically featuring muted tones, many classic French designs are so popular that we recognise them instantly; think Toile de Jouy, Script patterns, Damask and Fleur de lys. Many French designs lend themselves to a classic or country style look. If you are looking for a laid back French look keep your walls neutral and allow the details and texture of the textiles to shine through. Mix old and new too, keep furniture natural and light. The French staple is linen, not only does it have a wonderful texture, it also gets better with age.

 (Products from top left: Duwnich Sofa in Monsoon Sadie Denim, Scatter  in Sanderson Milton, Scatter in Linwood Whitewood, Murrayfield chair in Warwick Luck Harissa, Rutland chair in Madeleine Parchment, Universal Grande Footstool in Warwick Monance Charbon. Swatches: Ian Mankin Avon Check (background), Linwood Find De Siecle, Multiyork Studio Collection Garden Glitz, Warwick Wolseley, Warwick Valencay Toile)





Scotland has a strong heritage and worldwide reputation for great quality textiles. The industry boasts clients such as Boeing, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Emirates Airlines and British Airways. Scotland is of course most famous for its tartans. Historically different districts would have had different tartans, and as local dyes were used, the fabrics would take on the colours of the plants available in their area. For this reason many Scottish inspired fabrics tend to have very earthy tones.  Also, most traditional Scottish fabrics contain wool – a wonderful material for upholstering furniture as it is extremely hardwearing, water resistant and warm in winter and cool in summer. So if you are looking to achieve a traditional cosy Scottish cabin feel, combine tartans, animal motifs (such as hares and deer), earthy colours on the wall and rich warm woods.

 (Products from top right: Venice sofa in Multiyork Studio Collection Belize Mushroom, Scatter cushion in Warwick Bainbridge Heather, Grosvenor chair in Abraham Moon Skye Heather, Scatter cushion in Wariwck Bainbridge Red, Scatter cushion in Warwick Amatheon, Scatter in Linwood Naturals Alloy, Atlas sofa in Belize Slate. Swatches: Byron Brick, Sanderson Portland Cherry, Byron Mulberry Sage)




Scandinavian style textiles couldn’t be more popular right now; with their very ‘retro’ mid-century appeal that is clean, bold and unfussy. Typical Scandinavian interior design features lots of pure white surfaces, with pops of colours restricted to accessories and upholstery. To achieve this fashionable look choose neutral greys, beiges or light blues for your large upholstery pieces and save the funky patterns for your cushions and accent chair.

(Products from top left: Verona in Linwood Madura Imperial, Scatter Cushion in Sanderson Ellipse, Alpine Chair in Romo Mendoza, Scatter cushion in Harlequin Lauren)



The styles of the orient are exotic and luxurious. They typically feature a mix of earth tones with bright orange or stunning cobalt blue.  Pastels are rarely seen.  Designs commonly use beautiful, clean, straight lines or nature inspired imagery, in particular blossoms. Many of these textiles work particularly well in interiors when combined with rich dark wood cabinetry.

 (Products from top left: Aston chair in Harlequin Concept Onyx, Alpine chair in Multiyork Studio Collection Versailles Gold, Bolster cushion in Nina Campbell Penglai, Osborne sofa in Designers Guild Varese Indigo, Scatter cushion in Multiyork Studio Gold Arianne Gold, Ambleside Chair in Sanderson Cowparsley Ebony. Swatches: Nina Campbell Japonerie (background), Jane Churhcill Silverley Navy, Sanderson Cowparsley Chinese Yellow, Nina Campbell Penglai)

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