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Get the Look: Coastal

Before we know it the winter months will be rolling ever closer, so I say why not capture the holiday spirit of the summer with a coastal inspired decor. This way you can feel chirpy and full of energy all year, or at least your room will.

The ‘Coastal look is talked about a lot, but when you really think about this look is it can vary a lot. Just think of the crisp whites and indigo patterns of the Mediterranean, then the rustic unfussy upcycled feel of the British coastal look and then there’s the neat and chilled out ‘New England’ look’. Each varies, yet all retain an air of calmness and tranquillity.

Personally, I love just how elegant a decor of bright whites and deep indigos can look, but in reality this Ibiza-chic would soon look tired with my two dogs running around.  So it really is worth thinking about your lifestyle before choosing which route you want to take.



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Achieving any one of these looks doesn’t have to cost you the earth either. Of all the trends out there; Coastal is one of the most purse-friendly. Fabrics are simple and unassuming; think linen and cotton upholstery and light muslin curtain panels that keep things light. And, after all many of your accessories needn’t cost you anything - If you are heading away to the coast this summer keep a look out for driftwood, shells or pebbles you could bring home and display.




You needn’t buy a new sofa either if your current suite isn’t giving off a coastal vibe; the humble slipcover was made for this look. Covering a dark or patterned sofa in a light linen slipcover will instantly brighten your room and the looseness adds to the carefree, easy living vibe. Just remember to keep it simple; keep the patterns restricted to your scatter cushions and ‘accent’ chairs.

Light, bright and breezy, the coastal look is all about creating a feeling of light and space. Use mirrors and glass to catch and reflect light around your room. You'll find that the higher your ceilings and bigger your windows the easier it will be to achieve this feeling. But don't despair, if your room is more cave than cathedral, choose soft whitewashed walls or a palette of soft blues and greys to recreate the colours of the sea and sky.



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Light wooden flooring works best, making it feel as though you are in beachside cabin, but if you do have carpet you can lay down a sea grass rug. Incorporating materials such as sea grass, straw and jute in your furnishing and accessories brings a natural warmth and texture to coastal interiors.

Generally, coastal looks work better with lighter furniture in natural woods and light neutral finishes, however the odd darker piece of furniture can look stunning. Try introducing a warm leather steamer trunk for that global traveller feel.



 For more inspiration including DIY projects take a look at our Coastal board on Pinterest -->

Also,  see our Coastal themed window displays. Visit us in store -->



Mediterranean Beauty

  1. Verona chair in Harbour Almond
  2. Scatter cushion in Romo Cole Capri
  3. Scatter cushion in Harlequin Kali Ink/Almond 
  4. Scatter cushion in Designers Guild Varese Indigo
  5. Scatter cushion in Samarkand Sprig Beige
  6. Nickel Lantern Large
  7. Alpine chair in Harlequin Demeter Stripe
  8. Ceramic Ginger Jar
  9. Paris Nickel Table Lamp
  10. Ambleside chair in Dedra Ink
  11. Scatter cushion in Harlequin Folia Velvets Sapphire
  12. Scatter cushion in Sanderson Emma Bridgewater Coral 
  13. Wool Throw
  14. Nadia Large Sofa in Scala Mist


Image 3

  1. Scatter cushion in Zuma Sky
  2. Antique brass lantern
  3. Scatter cushion in Sanderson Emma Bridgewater Coral
  4. Copenhagen extending console
  5. Rutland chair in Sanderson Swallows
  6. Gainsborough sofa in Harbour Wedgwood
  7. Burghley cool grey side table
  8. Le sculpture lamp
  9. Heybridge leather trunk table

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