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How to Make Your Manly Leather Sofa Set Look More Feminine

Although they can look incredibly chic and stylish, leather sofa sets can look awfully manly at times depending on what you pair them with in a living space. The sofas upholstered in dark leather hide can feel visually heavy in a space, we know all too well. The trick is to create a more balanced look by using some clever laying and accessorising techniques. Your sofas will all of a sudden appear way more attractive, feminine, light, and comfortable! Here’s how to put together a more feminine look:

Lighten it Up

A traditional leather sofa is naturally dark, so the easiest way to balance it out is by using plenty of light to create a desirable contrast. Paint the walls a paler shade, like soft cream. You can then add fluffy scatter cushions, and a lighter coffee table to complete this look. Don’t be afraid to go for a distressed looking coffee table either, for a shabby chic kind of look! You can even add some dark accents to match the sofa – don’t be afraid of dark accessories.

Break the Sofa Up

You shouldn’t literally get a hammer and smash that sofa to pieces. Instead, break it up using upholstered chairs and mixed pillows/textures/fabrics to break up the heaviness of the look and make the whole thing appear lighter. By using different colours and textures, you’ll also create a cool unique appearance that nobody else has. Leather sofas are perfect for creating a unique, mixed and matched look.

Layer it Up

A leather sofa all alone in the room will dominate a space. If you don’t want it to, don’t let the sofa dominate the space. It’s as simple as that! Use other furnishings in different finishes to help layer the room. For example, you could choose bookcases, tables, ottomans, and end tables in different effects and finishes. You can also bring in some interesting artwork and plants. Metallic accents will add a touch of intrigue.

Airy Fairy

Even if the sofa is not leather, but darkly coloured, you can take an airy fairy approach to feminise the look. Use lighter pieces of furniture, like cotton covered bean bags, and paint the walls a pale grey (or another neutral colour you like). Gallery style art on the walls will help to balance the visual weight of the sofa.

Retail Style

Pop into your local Multiyork store and take some tips from how they organise their displays. Layer plenty of scatter cushions and throws to create a comfy appearance, and surround the sofa with mixed furniture of different textures, as well as artwork in various patterns and colours. It’ll look as if a pro has decorated your room!

You can find plenty of inspiration online, head to our Pinterest Boards and in magazines to help you. Find photos you like and try to recreate your favourite look to make that leather sofa work in harmony in a feminine space!

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