Fabric Patterns
The Fabric Gloassary


Woven in a simple symmetrical criss-cross pattern, plain fabrics can be dyed in a variety of colours, and come in a variety of grades. The visual effect of plain fabric, can be diverse depending on the fabric chosen.


A fabric consisting of a combination of long coloured bands, which can vary in colour and thickness. Stripes, are a classic design, which have been used in clothing and to upholster homeware for hundreds of years.


Motif fabrics offer endless designs and patterns. Also known as textile printing, the patterns are bonded with the fabrics, to create a long lasting and resistant design.


A pattern consisting of modified stripes, and crossed vertical and horizontal lines, which then go on to from squares. Associated with Scottish tradition, check fabrics offer a distinctive patterns, which can be used in modern designs.


Formed with repeating geometric shapes, this style of fabric offers a modern and uniform design. A variety of visual motifs are available, to find the perfect style pattern for your sofa.


Originating from 14th century France, Damask is traditionally monochromatic, often featuring patterns such as flowers, fruit, and a selection of other designs. Damask is a popular design, due to its versatility and high quality finish.


A distinctive v shaped weaving pattern, distinguished from a plain chevron, by the break at reversal, which create a zip zag pattern in the fabric. Herringbone is a popular fabric choice, and is usually made of wool.


Featuring classical European design, this fabric features stylish floral designs, incorporating elements of colour, contrast and unity. Floral designs can feature a variety of flowers in bloom,and botanical arrangements.

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