Replaceable Covers
Tailored sofa covers that can be removed for changing, washing or dry cleaning.

Template Archive
Sofa cover patterns for every sofa style ever produced by Multiyork.

Mindi Wood
White cedar wood grown in Indonesia.

Duck Feather cushions
A high grade 100% duck feather cushion with naturally curly and springy feathers. Feathers should not be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner as this will pull feather through the casing. These cushions require regular plumping and turning.

Multilux soft or firm cushions
A cushion made from high density foam available in soft or firm option.

Hollow Fill Deluxe
Synthetic fibre which requires regular plumping. This cushion is ideal for people allergic to feathers.

Multiwrap cushions 
A highly resilient foam cushion with a thick wrap of specially formulated polyester fibres to create the feel of feathers.

Springcell cushions
This cushion comprises of individually pocketed coil springs surrounded with high density foam. Ideal for use on sofabeds.

Duck & Down cushions
A variety of high quality feather cushion including the addition of duck down for sortness.

Coil Springs
Traditional steel coil spring case.

Serpentine spring edge seat platform
Zig Zag steel spring seat platform.

Sprung back
Fixed spring cage sofa back as opposed to removable cushions.

Knowle style
A sofa design with wooden finials at the rear corner tops. The side arms are tied to the sofa back by means of a tassel.

Wenge finish
A dark wood colour finish.

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