Classic Chair

Classic Chair


The timeless Classic has a subtle and versatile personality that makes it a great choice for when you want your upholstery to enhance your style rather than set the tone.

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Product information

You won't find many armchair designs as beautifully proportioned as the Classic. With its rounded arms, high square back, and valance, it will add elegance to any room. Visit one of our showrooms to see the alternative seat depths and back heights for tailor made comfort.  If you require an unvalanced version, look no further than the Gatcombe.

  • Handmade in Britain by our master craftsmen
  • Traditional coil springs
  • Non-stiffened valance
  • For low back and short seat options please visit your local store
  • 15 year frame guarantee
  • 5 year mechanism guarantee for swivel chair
  • Removable covers allow for easy cleaning or a change of look
  • Comes with Multiwrap seat cushion filling; our most popular choice for those looking for low maintenance as well as a pristine look  
  • Comes with duck feather filled back cushion for that completely soft and sumptuous feeling (other comfort options are available in-store)
  • The option to add arm caps as well as stainguard and accidental damage cover is available within the shopping basket
  • Classic sofas also available
  • Please choose if you would like castors for carpets or static gliders for hard floors (not applicable for swivel chair)



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Product Reviews

505 May 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

504 May 2016

Classic Range - Multisoft perfect for us.

501 May 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

430 April 2016

Classic Range - New cover seemed expensive for what it was but cheaper than a new sofa! Easy to fit.

530 April 2016

Classic Range - Replacement covers, makes the furniture look like new.

528 April 2016

Classic Range - I was not in at the time but the person left in charge of receiving the furniture was very pleased with their professional attitude and efficiency.

527 April 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

523 April 2016

Classic Range - Furniture looks good covers we chose are very nice and were fitted well, the design we chose is from the classic range which suits our living room very well.

520 April 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

519 April 2016

Classic Range - Our sofas are about 15 years old now and new cushion inners for the large sofa has made it very comfortable again. Wouldn't look anywhere else if I needed new stuff. Have bought a couple of covers and change them summer and winter.

510 April 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

508 April 2016

Classic Range - Delighted with style and comfort.

507 April 2016

Classic Range - Good quality comfortable furniture

507 April 2016

Classic Range - Comfortable sofas, they look really good. Time will tell

507 April 2016

Classic Range - Good quality, comfortable

531 March 2016

Classic Range - You just have to sit on our new settees to know they are well crafted

424 March 2016

Classic Range - Cushions are not sitting as they should - hopefully this will change with use.

521 March 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

519 March 2016

Classic Range - Very pleased with the appearance and quality of product.

516 March 2016

Classic Range - We have purchased from MultiYork in the past so know what we like . The settees are just the style we wanted. High at the back and not too deep in the cushion. We like the fact we are able to try different styles in the shop and receive advice if needed.

513 March 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

512 March 2016

Classic Range - Product's are very pleasing and comfortable.

410 March 2016

Classic Range - Looks nice, though colour seems darker than I thought I chose.

509 March 2016

Classic Range - New covers and cushion interiors for existing Classic chair. Now like a new chair again.

508 March 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

507 March 2016

Classic Range - Really comfortable chair.

506 March 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

505 March 2016

Classic Range - Very pleased with my new covers and cushions

502 March 2016

Classic Range - I am very pleased with the chair, the fabric and the workmanship.

428 February 2016

Classic Range - Very comfortable. Good colour.
Customers should be warned that colours displayed in the window and under show
room lights will not look as bright in the home. This is not a complaint but just a comment. I took this into consideration as I had learned from bitter experience and I am very pleased with the indigo Prado colour of my new suite

525 February 2016

Classic Range - It is economical and environmentally friendly to have the option of having Multiyork sofas recovered.

424 February 2016

Classic Range - Got cushion choice wrong. Small sofas tend to be firmer than larger ones. Replacements much better. Products all seem expensive compared with competition.

522 February 2016

Classic Range - Very good quality, comfortable, stylish and practical. Excellent sofas, we are delighted with our purchase. Gorgeous rich teal colour too. Sofabed comfy as sofa and bed, real advance.

421 February 2016

Classic Range - A 'classic' sofa and much better now Mitch new cushions. I do wish I had been bolder in my choice of fabric now and think a velvet would have looked better

521 February 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

517 February 2016

Classic Range - As Above

417 February 2016

Classic Range - It looks very good but I am slightly disappointed by the way the seats creep forward every time you sit on them for any length of time. Our last Multiyork sofa and chair did the same, but nothing like so pronouncedly as the new one. I think it must have something to do with the material in which the seats are covered. After an evening spent watching the telly, the sofa needs to be reassembled so to speak.

510 February 2016

Classic Range - Really pleased with the fit and quality of fabric we chose.

502 February 2016

Classic Range - Very pleased with it - looks superb.

503 February 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

203 February 2016

Classic Range - The furniture is well made but the covers were awful, the fabric was wearing badly after only three months. Though to be fair, Multiyork have now given us new covers at no cost, though these were exceptionally creased when they arrived - only partly improved by steaming.

502 February 2016

Classic Range - Excellent

528 January 2016

Classic Range - As Above

526 January 2016

Classic Range - As soon as we saw the product we purchased we fell in love with it.

426 January 2016

Classic Range - have just noticed that the arm protectors are not all the same size of drop !

426 January 2016

Classic Range - Comfy chair. It would be good if the fire resistant tag could have been underneath a seat cushion on the base rather than dangling from the back where it is visible. We had to remove it and have put it u dry a seat cushion.

505 January 2016

Classic Range - Furniture of a high standard of workmanship and good quality materials. Very satisfied.

405 January 2016

Classic Range - The settees are as we expected as we had used Multyork before. We are impressed with the quality and finish but, given the above experiences, are unlikely to order from them again.

502 January 2016

Classic Range - -No further comment

530 December 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

524 December 2015

Classic Range - The delivery was 2 weeks earlier than originally promised and was delivered efficiently and the wrapping was all removed.

517 December 2015

Classic Range - Comfortable and exactly what I was looking for

516 December 2015

Classic Range - Thrilled with my sofas would recommend Multiyork. Good choice and wonderful prints to choose from.

416 December 2015

Classic Range - Good

415 December 2015

Classic Range - As Above

409 December 2015

Classic Range - comfortable although cushions don't seem to sit very well, may bed down with use though

503 December 2015

Classic Range - Excellent: delightfully comfortable

401 December 2015

Classic Range - Good

427 November 2015

Classic Range - My only comment was the debris left by packaging and feathers

527 November 2015

Classic Range - Just as described

426 November 2015

Classic Range - Good

526 November 2015

Classic Range - Find that the arm caps ruck up every time you sit down rather annoying does not happen on the settee

519 November 2015

Classic Range - Delivery crew on time and despite a long day (we were last of 5 deliveries including several in the NE) were cheerful and helpful

518 November 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

517 November 2015

Classic Range - As Above

514 November 2015

Classic Range - MultiYork quality is of the highest and this purchase met my expectation.

511 November 2015

Classic Range - I'm very pleased with the item.

509 November 2015

Classic Range - Beautiful design, so comfy, and fits in well with our classic sofas

205 November 2015

Classic Range - After delivery the feather back cushion pads were found to emit a strong odour. Upon inspection by Multiyork's agent I was advised that the smell was probably due to being stored in damp conditions and would take some six months to dissipate. Shop staff advised me that Multiyork were unwilling to replace the pads, and I was therefore obliged to replace them with hollow fibre pads at an additional expense to me of £90.00, and In view of the initial cost of this sofa I feel that Multiyork should reimburse me.

503 November 2015

Classic Range - Great sofa

503 November 2015

Classic Range - Very good

501 November 2015

Classic Range - The new cushion interiors are very satisfactory.

531 October 2015

Classic Range - I appreciated the updates regarding the work on the sofas, and following delivery information.

528 October 2015

Classic Range - I am really pleased with my settees they are very comfortable and I chose well (with the help of the staff in the shop

522 October 2015

Classic Range - Particularly helpful salesman in Kingston shop

422 October 2015

Classic Range - Covers fit well and were available for collection at agreed time.

220 October 2015

Classic Range - Delivery was an issue . Made a booking to fit then failed to attend had to follow it up myself .

417 October 2015

Classic Range - Replacement covers were very creased after packaging and I had to ask for them to be steamed , after which they looked much better . Fortunately I had been informed in the shop that they would be otherwise I would not have known to ask ! Covers do however touch the floor on a couple of sides.

514 October 2015

Classic Range - Extremely pleased with new covers so far. Seem expensive, but hopefully will turn out to be good value in the long run.

514 October 2015

Classic Range - Well made replacement chair covers.

514 October 2015

Classic Range - Excellent, I like the choices I had for style, size, fabric, even down to the filling.

513 October 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

408 October 2015

Classic Range - The sofas are very comfortable but I find the arm rests too low. Perhaps I should have picked that up in the showroom when I was trying them but I haven't. I expect I will get used to them.

406 October 2015

Classic Range - Comfortable, stylish

206 October 2015

Classic Range - The hem of the covers are significantly higher than what we had seen (and photographed) in the store, and we can easily see the swivel mechanism. We have called to discuss this issue several times but keep being fobbed off. Not happy at all, and minded to give the chairs to Oxfam as they are NOT what we were lead to believe we were buying.

522 September 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

422 September 2015

Classic Range - Overall, I am very pleased with the furniture BUT although the loose covers mostly stop just above the ground, in two cases the covers trail on the ground at the sides. Some of the material was creased, which was presumably when packed in polythene, and may hang out, but if not, may need ironing - hence the instructions would be invaluable.

517 September 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

513 September 2015

Classic Range - Well made, good material

411 September 2015

Classic Range - Pleased with the cushions and covers.

409 September 2015

Classic Range - Good

509 September 2015

Classic Range - We are very pleased with the products

503 September 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

528 August 2015

Classic Range - Early days as I do not know how the loose covers will wear over time.

525 August 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

521 August 2015

Classic Range - Considerate and efficient

420 August 2015

Classic Range - New covers have given suite a new lease of life

420 August 2015

Classic Range - The goods are as described , the delivery took place at 7.30am on a Saturday which was a bit too early.

It took too long to deliver the goods from when I ordered them.

409 August 2015

Classic Range - The chair looked a little crumpled on receipt and shabby but now that it has settled and is fine. The cover looks a little tight in some places and lose in others but overall is acceptable.

508 August 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

506 August 2015

Classic Range - Exactly as requested to the letter.

405 August 2015

Classic Range - Good

505 August 2015

Classic Range - Well made and very comfortable

529 July 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

529 July 2015

Classic Range - The staff at Harrogate showroom were first class and very very helpful .

526 July 2015

Classic Range - I was given a six week timeline but in fact my replacement covers were ready in two. They were quite happy to keep the covers until I was ready for them.

516 July 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

512 July 2015

Classic Range - The standard of of quality is very good and the delivery people were very helpful

509 July 2015

Classic Range - Very p,eased with sofa, large double sofa bed. We already have another so know what to expect. Lovely fabric. Excellent buy.

508 July 2015

Classic Range - The furniture is beautifully crafted

508 July 2015

Classic Range - Comfortable. Well made. Perfect fit covers

518 June 2015

Classic Range - Nicely made cover.

518 June 2015

Classic Range - very well made and meets our needs

414 June 2015

Classic Range - Friendly knowledgable staff

513 June 2015

Classic Range - very pleased with the item we purchased

411 June 2015

Classic Range - Very odd smell to fabric

507 June 2015

Classic Range - OK

503 June 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

503 June 2015

Classic Range - I am very pleased with the quality of my new covers

503 June 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

431 May 2015

Classic Range - Hoping when the sofa is returned it will be much improved to the previous one

527 May 2015

Classic Range - Extremely good quality. Replaced the covers of our 2006 purchase in 2015 ony because we wanted a change. Original covers, although cleaned a few times, were almost as good as new, and the suite cushions have lost none of their firmness over the years.

221 May 2015

Classic Range - NOT UP TO STANDARD

520 May 2015

Classic Range - Excellent

514 May 2015

Classic Range - We are very satisfied with the sofa. It is an addition to our existing suite which was bought over 20 years ago, and although not exactly the same, fits in perfectly.

214 May 2015

Classic Range - disappointed in overall look of settee.

507 May 2015

Classic Range - Again very good as sofa and reasonably comfortable as a bed.

Classic Chair

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